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The Idyllic Backdrop
For A Shot set in Stone

castle interior

Castle Interior

Chipchase Castle is a beautiful Grade 1 listed 17th-Century Jacobean mansion set on attractive, ornate grounds. Attached to the Castle is a 13th-Century Pele tower, with 12 foot thick walls, that was designed as a stronghold for local villagers when Scots attacked.

The Castle is home to 40 rooms of which a number are available for TV and film locations. In addition to this, the grounds and several smaller rooms make ideal period and contemporary locations.

Photographers, filmmakers, and video directors are invited to take a look at the Chipchase Estate as a backdrop for projects. The Chipchase Estate is the perfect setting for a film or photo shoot.The large interior rooms offer ample space for camera equipment, and the surrounding area of the castle can accommodate unlimited cars and/ or trailers.

Castle Exterior & Grounds

The Chipchase grounds offer a vast expanse of land with unparalleled diversity; the grounds consist of parkland, farmland, woodland and lakes.

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The Chipchase Herald

Open an ear to the crier of Chipchase. Hear the voice of the castle,
explore the gateway ino all that occurs and view the magic behind the scenes.

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