A hunting ground of
Infinite adventure

the grounds

The Grounds

Chipchase has a wonderful natural landscape with more than 3,000 acres of varied terrain of parkland, farmland woodland and lakes. The land has been meticulously planned out with stategically placed blocks and strips of young woodland consisting of sprigs of alder and oak, all of which promise world class hunting, with an eye on the future. Shooting at Chipchase promises to be a force for some time.

The shooting is a predominately medium to high pheasant shoot, in the top drawer of driven pheasant shooting in Northumberland. Although the Estate specialises in pheasant shooting, a typical day will also see see wild partidge, snipe, woodcock, and duck; every drive at Chipchase offers a different speciality bird. We also are more than happy to host clay pigeon shooting day in and around the grounds.

the experience

The Experience

Our typical days have eight guns, but we can cater for up to nine. We are able to offer dlecavle dining, providing shooting party's breakfasts, lunches, and exquisite evening dinners. Chipchipe Castle is also available for certain parties to rent with shooting for 1-3 nights, or a long weekend, which would include dinner for the whole party complete with wine and drinks. There is also a mixture of grouse and partridge days at serveral magnificent estates around Chipchase itstelf. wWe can offer up to a 250 pheasant day followed by a day or two (bigger days if necessary) either side at the surrounding estates when staying with us.

Out ethos is to keep the bags down but keep the sport up whilst teaching the hunter to be responsible about how he behaves in the countryside.

All will be given on application.

For all enquires and to find out more about longer stays at

Chipchase and shooting on neighbouring estates please email

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