The Perfect Start to your
Happily Ever After

the venue

The Grounds

Chipchase Castle is not a hotel, and therefore there is no other event or customer to consider during each special wedding day.

Here couples are free to incorporate individual and special elements into their wedding, setting this magical venue apart from the others.

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The Chapel

Unlike most venues, Chipchase has its own charming chapel which is only a stone's throw from the Castle itself. The chapel can seat up to 90 guests. The service in the chapel takes the form of a blessing, which for all intents and purposes is a full wedding absent the signing of the register.


Chipchase Castle is, however, licensed for marriages and couples may sign the register in either the magnificent dining room or hall following, or preceding, the blessing. This is a very popular choice with couples. We have a lovely local vicar who is very happy to do this and his cost is purely a contribution to the local parish.